A Clean Forest

Environtment preservation: clean landscapes

Organic sculptures, practical uses of sustainability. Improving the forest, teamwork, sculpting / Land Art, visual arts, performance art.

Duration: a whole morning


  • Introduction to a creative, temporary and performative sculpting technique.
  • Introduction to Land Art.
  • Raising social awareness about ethical consumerism and for environment preservation.
  • Promoting teamwork among students.
  • Practical application on abstract tridimensional drawing and sculpture.
  • Introduction to contemporary art and performance art through the analysis and experimentation of a creative process.

On the activities:

  • Observation and acknowledgement of the environment. The many uses of found materials.
  • Explaining the following teamwork, plus carrying it out in the study.
  • Picking up, triaging and uses of the materials: logs and sculptural installations / tree scraps to create colour pigments (lignines).
  • Forest clean-up.

Teamwork: constructing an installation, building with sticks and (possible) performance, depending on the results of the teamwork, plus a final team analysis.



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