Land Art for Children

Introducing contemporary art to children

Land Art, known also as Earth art, appeared in the USA in the late 1960s. A trend in contemporary art, it uses the scenery and materials found in nature (wood, stone, sand, rock, etc). Ephemeral works are characteristic of Land art; they’re exposed to the elements of nature and disappear with time.

When introducing children to this kind of art, it is very important that the teacher provides the convenient materials and environment. This research is closely linked to the seasons of the year, and allows the children to live each season in a direct and sensorial manner.

The Land Art Workshop for elementary schoolers offers a different perspective on colours, shapes and natural materials to be organized according to their typology (logs, stones…) Choosing and arranging them by shapes and colours so they can be freely manipulated.


  • Discovering textures, colours, shapes and smells of the environment.
  • Arranging, classifying and understanding shapes and sizes.
  • Simplify: using some elements of expression, based on primary outlines: a straight line, a circle, a square, a spiral, a cross, zig-zag…
  • Strengthen affectivity towards nature.
  • Experimenting with and manipulating natural elements.
  • Observing the effects of time and meteorology.




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