Relationship with Nature

Icones – Karin Van Der Molen

Artist Karin van der Molen Works with natural materials, looking to create a direct dialogue between spaces and human beings. This relationship helps us see how we are a part of the planet.
What kind of relationship do we share with our environment? This workshop plays with the portrait genre as a tool to mediate between body and mind

Game rules:

  • Groups of students will observe the environment until they find an object with which / the place where they’ll take a picture using a camera or a cell phone.
  • Once a location is chosen, the students will create a scenery composition using found natural materials, the student appearing in front of the place or object randomly found in their surroundings.


  • Observing our surroundings, finding a certain place or material to work at / with.
  • Integrating our body into the chosen location, either intentionally through an intervention with natural materials, or with a natural location / object that randomly makes us want to take a self-portrait.
  • Understanding the relationship between man and earth, the environment and the world.
  • Playing with our bodies to experiment with the environment.

Required Material:

  • A camera or cell phone.
  • Vegetal and organic scraps.

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