Lagattuta, Aurora i Bataller, Laura

Residència 2013
Residència 2013
Aurora Lagattuta, Laura Bataller



RIPPLES began as a collaboration between one Catalan and one American dancer surrounding the topic of circles.

Through research, discovery and our personal inquiries, this project has expanded to explore mandalas, dialogues with stars, discovery of center, circles and cycles, orbits, spirals, DNA and infinite.



The mandala serves as a three dimensional and artistic representation of circles. During our time at Forn de la Calç, we would like to create a mandala using the materials available to us in the nature there. It will serve as an our contribution to the space, structure for our performance space and a form of re-harmonization in progress. It is a process of meditation, relaxation, and reflection of circles. The mandala can also serve as an artistic symbol that includes our ideas and research around the creation of circles such as the stars, human bodies, rituals of the four directions and centers.

A dialogue with the stars

A dialogue with stars is an idea that originated from observation of the nighttime stars. This observation is an on-going exploration that serves to inspire movement, improvisations and choreography. We, the dancers, are the antennae for the stars, the bright circles of the sky and the dreams that they hold. We serve as a form to connect and actualize these unspoken wishes of the sky, space and people. With this inspiration we aspire to construct movement three dimensionally with sky, land and people. We, like tiny stars in the sky, are so much smaller than the universe and yet we like the stars hold the expansiveness of the galaxies inside.